Enjoy Alford and Donside

The Soo's Lug

Piggery-Smokery make World class, multi award winning, guid auld fashioned, modern bacons. We were listed Top 50 Tastiest Foods in The Times 2021 with our Dark Dubhloch™ treacle Fennel Ale version. We have an awesome cafe on Main Street called "The Soo's Lug" which, roughly translated from the local Doric dialect, means Pig's Ear. It's far from rough & is the listening arm of our bacon making business. We sell ready to go packs, the best bacon rolls you're ever likely to munch on &....we got awesome coffee / cakes all made locally from within the village. Come see us - we also got customer craic & local knowledge too - Welcome to Alford folks. Regards Team Soo's Lug!

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